October 27, 2015

Givesupport.to launches today!

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially launched Givesupport.to, and we are celebrating this with our very first blog post! We will use this blog to announce new features, milestones that we've achieved and to keep you posted with the latest news about Givesupport.to.

Now that we are live, content creators and developers are able to sign up. We are reviewing and approving new stores and products as fast as we can! Keep an eye out on your inbox, since we might send you a message in case your store or product requires additional information!

If you have registered as a store, make sure to use all available features. If your store looks the part, we will feature your store, and include you in our promotional activities! If you think your store qualifies to be featured, shoot us a message or tweet and we'll try to get you featured on the front page. If you tag us in your social media messages we will also be able to retweet and share your posted messages and content!

Here are a couple of tips on how to further improve your store:

Make sure to add recommendations and reviews to products
From within the administration panel you have the ability to recommend products or leave a review or comment. Recommended products will be displayed at the top of your store, while reviews and a YouTube link will be displayed on the product detail page. Utilize this feature to inform customers about a specific product, increasing the chances they will consider supporting you. It is also a great way to get people to view more of your videos. If you link your review or lets play video of a game directly to the product on Givesupport.to, customers will be able to check your review before they buy the game!

Add your social media channels

You can add all your social media platforms to your account on Givesupport.to.  The links to these channels are displayed in the top right corner of your store. Make sure to add all that apply to you, since customers might want to go back to one of your channels after they have visited your store!

Make a video about your store
Your fans and followers need to know about your store! Consider making a short movie on your YouTube channel, or explain it live during a Twitch streaming session. Your follower-base needs to know what the platform does, what it has to offer and how they can support you in making awesome content!

After registration, use this checklist to see if your store is optimized and uses all the features that Givesupport.to has to offer:
  • Have you entered a 'Thank-you message'? This is what your fans will receive once they have purchased a game in your store.
  • Have you uploaded an avatar and matching background image?
  • Have you added links to your social media channels?
  • Make sure to select products that you recommend, have made content for or want to play in the future! This will ensure that your followers recognize that you have curated the selection of games on your store.
  • Have you created a video that explains what your store has to offer?
  • Have you added the link to your store in descriptions of your content and added the link to your YouTube/Twitch profile?
  • Have you posted a message on your social media channels about your store?
  • Did you read the 'Best Practices' that contain a lot of tips and tricks to optimize your store and utilize all the features of Givesupport.to!
  • Consider using the "direct buy" link if you want to draw attention to a specific product. It can be found on the bottom of a product page when you're logged in.
Last but not least: We are always available to help you out. Make sure to send us a message if you have question or if you have a suggestion on how we can improve. Don't be shy, we won't bite.