October 27, 2015

How Givesupport.to works

In this blog post we will explain how Givesupport.to works in terms of paying content creators and developers/publishers.

The revenue split

On Givesupport.to, the default revenue split is the same as most other digital distribution platforms. The developer or publisher who owns the rights to sell a game receives 70% on each sale, while content creators and Givesupport.to both receive a 15% share.

However, developers have the ability to change the revenue split in the advantage of the content creators. This way, Givesupport.to can be used as a marketing tool, allowing the content creator to receive up to 80% on each product sold!

We're not suggesting that everybody should go to this extreme, but even offering a share that is a bit larger than the default, might convince more content creators to feature your product in their store.

Both content creators and developers are able to monitor sales and other useful information in real-time by means of the administration panel.

Everyone who uses the Givesupport.to to sell games can withdraw money using their PayPal account. Currently, we have require a that a transaction is atleast $50. All payment requests are reviewed by the Givesupport.to in order to prevent fraud. We aim to review payment requests within 24 hours.

Why would you give a store owner a larger share?

First of all, you as a developer are able to decide what you want to receive per sold copy of your game. You are able to give a content creators (or store owner) a 'bigger piece of the pie' in order to make your game more interesting, and possibly to receive a larger coverage on Twitch and YouTube. When you create new content for a game that has been out for a while, it difficult to get media and press to spend time on your game. By allowing content creators to earn a bigger share, they can help draw new players into the game for you! 

If you're an indie-developer, and you're about to release your game, you are probably trying to get buzz going around your product. With over 7000 games on Steam as of October 2015, and hundreds of developers all going after the same group of people, this is already a difficult job. Reaching out to curator groups, bloggers, YouTubers or Twitch channels will eat up a lot of your time.

You can use Givesupport.to to draw the attention of popular channels to your game. Let's say you release your game with a higher-than-average share of 25% for the store owner. This might cause channels to request a review key and possibly make a review video about it. They could also play the game and recommend it on their store. Either way, they are offering your product to their fans and followers, freeing up more of your time to focus on other things.

Read more about our revenue split in our 'Best Practices' from within the administration panel! If you have any questions regarding the revenue-split or want to provide us with some feedback, make sure to shoot us an email or reach out to us on Twitter!