October 28, 2015

How to optimize your Givesupport.to store

In this blog post, we outline some tips and tricks that you can use to improve your store on Givesupport.to.

First, let's make sure you have setup everything correctly in terms of the design and layout of your store. You need to add an avatar, banner and set a color as part of the setup process of your store.

The basics

This is the text that is displayed right under your store name (for most of you, this is your YouTube or Twitch channel name). You can use this line to enter a slogan or catchphrase that people might recognize you by. The goal is to make sure that whoever clicks your link, they understand that the your store represents you. If you need some inspiration, think about writing something to motivate your followers/subscribers to purchase a game and support your channel. You could also use this section to state what describes your channel best (e.g. 'The best indie-games!' or 'High quality reviews of strategy games!'). 

You can provide a short description of your store. We use this text to help Google understand what your page is all about. Write this description in a way that can be read separately from the rest of your site. Make sure to keep it short, search engines like that. As for content, you might also want to reflect on what your store has to offer. For instance: "Nothing but the best strategy and RTS games" is something that people will instantly be able to identify with.

Thank-you note
When a customer purchases a game through your store, they will receive an email that contains the product key. You can use this field to enter a personalized thank-you note for your customers. We highly recommend adding something sincere since it will be recognized as a reward by our customers.

Theme Color 
As part of our customization tools, you can choose a specific color to support your avatar and background image. Most YouTube or Twitch channels have a look-and-feel that they want to reflect in everything they do. Choosing a color is a nice way of doing this on your store as well. Make sure to preview your store after you've chosen a color. Some colors may impact the readability of your store and confuse visitors.

The avatar is probably something you are familiar with. It will be shown as part of the header of your store, and in the order confirmation email to customers. Make sure it meets these requirements: 200px*200px JPG or PNG. We recommend using your YouTube/Twitch avatar for this area, allowing your followers and subscribers to quickly recognize the store!

This image is the most prominent visual element that is shown in the header of your store. It needs to meet the following requirements in terms of size and format: 1920px*205px JPG or PNG. You can use your YouTube/Twitch banner for this purpose, or you could create something new and creative specifically for your store! If you don't have access to a program like Photoshop, you can also consider a free alternative: GIMP or Paint.NET

Link to your social media channels
Make sure to add links to your social media channels! Customers will be able to quickly cycle between the store, your channel and your social media channels. We've added the most popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, but we also allow you to link to your Steam profile and/or Steam curator page. We highly recommend adding all channels you are actively using. Links to your social media channels will be displayed on the bottom right of the header. The background color of the icons is decided by the background color that you have selected.

This is what a store looks like when it uses all the available features. (Except the reviews-feature)

Managing products

On Givesupport.to, you get to decide what you want to offer in your store! Go to 'Manage products' in the administration panel to find the the catalog of available games. You will see an overview of all kinds of useful information like the title, platform, state of the game and the percentage you'll earn each time that specific game is sold on your store. In this chapter we will discuss some of the features that are available for you as a store owner.

Adding a product
Adding games to your store is easy. Use the plus (+) icon on the far right of each product row to add it to your store. Once you have added a product, a couple of additional features will open up:
  • Heart Icon: Use this to recommend a product. It will now be displayed on top of your store. 
  • Clipboard: Write a short review about the product and place a link to a YouTube clip of you playing that particular game. The review and YouTube-clip will be displayed on the store page, giving your followers/subscribers more information about a product. 
  • Eye: with the eye-icon you instantly get taken to the product page in your store. By doing so you can preview (if you haven't accepted it into your store yet) how everything will look. 
  • The minus: with this button you can remove games from your store. 
Tips & Tricks to decide what games you want to offer:
  1. Offer games that match your YouTube or Twitch channel. If you exclusively play strategy games, consider recommending games from this genre. Your audience is probably less interested in purchasing the latest sports title. 
  2. Recommend games you like, and write short reviews for them. This will allow your subscribers to make a better decision whether it is a game they would enjoy! 
  3. Keep an eye out on the amount of keys that are available. If you start making a movie or stream about a game that has 10 product-keys available you could potentially miss out on sales! 
Also make sure to check out our 'Best practices'. A document we created specifically to help you on your way.

Do you have suggestions we could help you to improve your store? Make sure to send us an e-mail, we are always open for feedback and suggestions!