November 20, 2015

5 golden PR tips for indie game developers

You're an indie game developer and you've got a new game coming up on Steam? You've probably decided on a release date, price and are now in the process of polishing your game to perfection. If that is the case, you're probably also thinking about writing a press release and distributing review-keys to famous YouTube channels and Twitch streamers.

Givesupport is the tool you need!

We know how difficult it is to draw the attention of YouTube and Twitch celebrities that have a huge following. Trust us, we've been there. Popular channels receive hundreds of messages from game developers and thousands of messages from their followers and subscribers! But what do content creators have in common with you? You guessed it, they need to generate a steady income to keep on working on producing awesome content, just like you!

This blog post will give five important tips on what you can do to increase the chances for success for your upcoming indie game.

Notify YouTube and Twitch content creators about Givesupport

You are probably about to send out review codes to popular content creators. Dont forget to mention that there's something in it for them too! If your game is available on, make sure to mention it in your press release. Content creators are more inclined to make videos of your game if they can share in the profits! You won't be losing any money, since the default revenue-split is the same as it were on any other digital distribution platform (only with us you get extra YouTube and Twitch attention)!

Reach a larger audience with!

Get in touch with existing contacts

If you've published a game before, you are probably familiar with couple of popular YouTube or Twitch channel owners. Think about sending them a personalized email to tell them that your games are available on! A message like this will give them a reason to start playing your game, even if it has been out for a while.

Adjust the revenue split! 

By now, you probably realize that is not just another digital distribution platform. It is a powerful marketing tool! Think about adjusting the revenue split in the advantage for the YouTubers and Twitchers, this will increase the chances of getting (additional) coverage on their channels! Think about it this way: The channel owner will be performing a marketing and sales job on your behalf. Selling additional units in return for a small chunk of your revenue is not a bad deal don't you think?

Giving an additional 15% to YouTubers and Twitchers during the launch window, or when you launch new content to an existing game is a solid strategy to generate more coverage from YouTube channels and Twitch streamers! 

Send YouTubers and Twitchers messages when you update your game

If you decide to update your game with new content, make sure to remind YouTube and Twitch channel owners about this fact by sending them a message. Content creators are always looking for new games to play for their channel, especially if they get a cut of the revenue!

Discount your products

At one point in time, after you have published your game, you should consider giving your game a temporary discount. Sure, Steam sales are a great way to generate additional revenue, but generally speaking don't give you any extra coverage! Discount your products on when you don't have any other discounts running (making it more attractive for content creators to add your game into their store) or run it simultaneously with major Steam sales, allowing the content creators to promote the game and forwarding them towards their store and earn income.

The better the game sells for them, the more they want to cover games that you've created and keep your games in their stores!

Did any of these tips work for you? Perhaps you have some tips you can share with us. Contact us on Twitter or by sending an email to, and we'll make sure to include your tips in our next blogpost!