November 06, 2015

Increase sales of your indie game using

In order to sell more copies of your game, customers should be able to purchase your game from stores! If you haven't signed up yet, make sure to click here to sign-up and start selling your game!

Assuming you have created your account, you have to go through our curation process, which usually takes a couple of hours to complete. We need that time to judge various factors from your game, such as: the overall production value, if it is a published or unreleased game and if you have completed all the necessary registration steps to create a product page. 

To get started, make sure to:
  • Fill out all the required fields. Completing optional information will give us a better overview of what your game is about, increasing the rate and speed of approval! 
  • Use 4 awesome screenshots for your game, the first screenshot should contain the logo of your game, clearly centered in the image.
  • Optional: You can set a discount for your game, increasing the chance of your game getting added to stores. 
  • Optional: You can adjust the revenue-split, the default setting is 70% - 15% - 15%.
Once your game has been approved and is ready for sale on we will notify the existing store owners (content creators) that your game is available via a newsletter. If you have more than one title in your portfolio, you have to register that product separately. The review process will be the same for each product. 

Send us an email in case you have any questions, suggestions or want more advice! 

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Distribute your product on and generate extra revenue and get more coverage!