November 13, 2015

Tips to increase visibility of your store

In order for your subscribers to find out about your store, you need to notify them about the fact that you have games for sale! There are a couple of simple steps you can take in order to draw more traffic to your store page

Add a link to description of your videos on YouTube

This first step is vital to making your store more visible among your subscribers: Add your store link to the description of the videos that you upload to your YouTube channel. When you play a game that is available in your store, make sure place a direct link to this specific game. In order to do this, go to your store page, click on the product and select one of two links below. The direct checkout link automatically adds the game to the customer's basket, making it possible to checkout super fast!

Copy & paste one of the two generated links and create more visibility to your store! 

YouTube Banner Link

Make sure to add your store link to your YouTube banner. The YouTube system automatically recognizes that you're linking to, which adds the logo of Givesupport to the banner. Go to the top-right corner of your banner on your profile page and click on 'Edit Links'. From this page, you can easily add the link to your store page and you are good to go!

Make a short video about your store

Make a short video of approximately 2-3 minutes about your store on Explain what the store is for and why you're are using it. You can also explain what games you will be offering . Don't forget to put a link to the store in your description too!  

Add a link to the "About" page of your channel

A lot of channels forget that the About page is often visited by new potential subscribers. Having a link to your store on this page tells your visitors right away how they are able to support your channel.

Twitch banners

If you are using both YouTube and Twitch (or if you're just running a Twitch channel), you might want to add a banner to your Twitch page. Also, make sure to mention your store during your streaming sessions! You have our permission to use the logo for this purpose. 

Social Media

You are probably using social media channels in order to keep your followers up-to-date of new videos. Why not mention your store page from time to time? A short Tweet with the right hashtags, a Facebook post where you ask for support or an Instagram picture of equipment you will purchase with the money generated through your store. Make sure to tag in your social media messages too, we are able to share and Retweet these messages for you!

We are able to promote your store too, just let us know!